Text of February 2, 2004 E-mail from Bob Eno, Co-chair, Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics, to Senate Chair Panayotatos, et al.

Subject:    Athletics Clarification
Date:   Mon, 2 Feb 2004 20:41:17 -0500 (EST)
From:   Bob Eno <eno@indiana.edu>

Dear Colleagues,

The Steering Committee of the Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics (COIA) met at the NCAA last week, and asked me to contact you to try to clarify the nature of the endorsement we're requesting.

As you know, we've asked that senates consider the COIA Framework document posted on our website, and that endorsement of the COIA be on the basis of this Framework.  The COIA drafted and revised the Framework based on recommendations from many of the 60 schools we contacted. The Framework is proving to be a useful document in conveying the initial direction of the COIA and in opening discussions with other groups, but there has never been full consensus on all its points. The thinking of our Coalition will continue to evolve as we move forward in working for meaningful change.

Many of the senates that have formally joined the COIA so far have specified that they endorse the Framework only in principle, and that this does *not* mean agreement with all points.  This is precisely what we interpret endorsement to mean, and we feel it is the right basis for a national faculty coalition aiming to accomplish practical results.

In addition to this clarification, I would like to report that last weekend's meetings included a three-hour discussion between members of the Steering Committee and a group of nationally representative athletics directors, facilitated by the NCAA and joined by several Faculty Athletics Representatives who work closely with the NCAA Division IA Management Councils.  The meeting was enlightening and positive in tone.  The Framework served as the basis for the meeting, and we focused on identifying areas for future discussions between the ADs and the COIA. At the request of all parties, the NCAA has agreed to arrange a second meeting.

If any questions arise as your faculty senates or their committees consider issues of the COIA, please feel free to email me, and I'll do my best to provide a quick response.

Bob Eno
Indiana University
Co-Chair, Coalition on Intercollegiate Athletics