Report of the
Senate Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee
On Charge S-0006:  Making Public the Recipients and Amounts of FASIP Awards
Paul Leath, Co-Chair
Barbara Lee, Co-Chair
February 26, 2001
[Revised March 9, 2001]
The Committee was transmitted the following charge:
Explore the feasibility and desirability of making public the recipients and amounts of FASIP awards. Determine whether there are departmental, campus, or university-wide policies regarding disclosure of this information, and, if so, whether they are adhered to, if they are effective, and what responses are generated. Discuss and make recommendations on whether such disclosure should be general, or in response to specific requests for the information, and if the potential benefits or degree of interest justify a university-wide policy.
The Committee determined that, to its knowledge, only the New Brunswick Physics & Astronomy Department has a policy of making available to departmental faculty the recipients and number of steps awarded, as well as the reasons for the recommended increases (teaching, research, service, or equity). The Department Chair, Paul Leath, reported that department faculty created this policy.

The Committee recommends that the faculty of each department or awarding unit be allowed to determine for themselves the degree to which they wish to make public the recommendations and other relevant information of their Peer Evaluation Committee and department chair.


Whereas, the University Senate’s Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee has reported on the disclosure of FASIP awards; and

Whereas, the University Senate has reviewed the Committee’s Report and its Recommendations, finding those Recommendations to be sound and in the best interests of Rutgers University;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Rutgers University Senate endorses the Report on Making Public the Recipients and Amounts of FASIP Awards, and urges the Administration to inform the faculty of each department or awarding unit of its right to determine the degree to which the recommendations of its peer evaluation committee and department chair are to be made public.