Text of September 10, 1999 memorandum to Senate from President Lawrence transmitting Response to the University Senate ROTC Resolution:

As you recall, in March of 1998 the University Senate passed a resolution endorsing the report, Federally Mandated Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation by the Rutgers University ROTC Programs, which was prepared by the Senate’s Equal Opportunity and Student Affairs Committees. In response to the Senate resolution, in November of 1998 I appointed a presidential advisory committee, consisting of faculty, students, and administrators, to review the report’s recommendations and advise me regarding implementing those recommendations that would not cause the university to be judged to have an "anti-ROTC" policy.

This past summer I received the report of the Committee and I am now transmitting it to the University Senate along with my response. Enclosed is a copy of each of these documents. Please share them with the Senate or one or more of its Committees for their information according to whatever distribution you deem most appropriate. I believe the Committee report is fair and balanced, and I have thanked the Committee members for their sound advice. My acceptance of their report completes the Committee’s work. My memorandum to the Committee serves as the official university response to the recommendations.