Text of President Lawrence’s letter to the University Senate, included in "Communications" section of January 12, 2001 Senate Executive Committee Agenda:

December 13, 2000, re Winter Session Resolution:

"This is to acknowledge receipt of the University Senate resolution on Winter Session. By copy of this letter, I am asking Vice President Caprio to proceed to implement it within the parameters of the pilot program. As you recall from the discussion of this resolution at the Senate meeting, there are issues related to subjecting existing three-credit courses to the standing departmental and college curriculum review processes. The administration had previously decided to leave this academic judgment about whether additional curriculum review was necessary for existing courses to individual department faculty and deans. Also, the development of one- and two-credit courses requires the willingness of the faculty and departments to offer such alternatives to the standard three-credit course. Dr. Caprio will work with the academic units to give prompt attention to the suggested curricular reviews. Further, he will evaluate the effects of these reviews on the Winter Session offerings, and report to me with recommendations for continuing or modifying the review process and the curriculum offered."