Text of July 10, 2002 Memorandum from Joseph J. Seneca, University Vice President for Academic Affairs
Subject:  Deans' Evaluations

I am writing to you regarding the resolution passed by the University Senate at its 27 April 2001 meeting calling for the regular evaluation of deans by their faculty and students.  Last August, I circulated to the New Brunswick Deans a schedule of evaluations that established a five-year cycle of reviews.  I am pleased to report that two deans on the New Brunswick campus, Dean Gustav Friedrich of SCILS and Dean Louise Wilkinson of the GSE, have been evaluated according to the provisions of the resolution.  Confidential copies of the final evaluation reports should have been shared with the Chair of the University Senate.  A third evaluation scheduled for AY 2001-02, that of Livingston College Dean Arnold Hyndman, has been postponed until AY 2002-03.  In addition, Deans Colaizzi, Klein, and Kirschner are scheduled for review during the upcoming academic year.

Please inform the Senate of our implementation of their recommendations.  I will keep you informed as additional evaluations are completed.