RESPONSE TO CHARGE S-0009:  "Consider the proposal of the School of Law-Camden, for Senate approval (and subsequent recommendation to the Board of Governors) of its plan to add plus and minus grades to its grading system.  University Regulation 2.4.2.B stipulates that ‘Any degree-granting division of the University proposing a grading system which differs from the basic system has the responsibility to . . . submit for approval by the Board of Governors, upon recommendation of the University Senate, the proposed grading system . . .’

TO: Ken Swalagin, Executive Secretary-University Senate
FROM: Gary Roth, Co-Chair-Academic Standards, Regulations, and Admissions Committee
RE: Camden-Law Grade System Proposal
DATE: 6 February 2001

The Academic Standards Committee forwards with its approval the proposal to alter the Grading System at the School of Law, Camden.

The Faculty of the School of Law-Camden voted in November, to establish the following grading system, effective the Fall of 2001:
A+   4.33
A Distinguished 4.00
A- Intermediate Grade 3.67
B+ Intermediate grade 3.33
B Good 3.00
B- Intermediate grade 2.67
C+ Intermediate grade 2.33
C Satisfactory 2.00
D+ Intermediate grade 1.33
D Poor 1.00
F Failing 0.00
The proposed new system is similar, but not identical, to that in effect at the Rutgers-Newark Law School. It adds minus (-) grades and recalibrates the numerical equivalents for plus (+) grades downward (e.g. B+ becomes 3.33 from a previous 3.50).

In our opinion, the new system is intended to provide faculty with a wider range of grading possibilities, and counteract the grade creep in evidence under the existing system. Grades given before the change will be weighted under the old system; for instance, a B+ that was received before the change would continue to be counted as 3.5. The Faculty’s resolution calls for an explanation of the change on transcripts that include grades under both the previous and the new systems so that confusion will be avoided.

Rutgers University Senate
In Support of Committee Report and Recommendations
Based on Review of Proposal
to Change the Camden-Law Grading System

Whereas, the University Senate’s Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee has examined and reported on the Camden-Law proposal to change its grading system; and

Whereas, the University Senate has reviewed the Committee’s Report and its Recommendations, finding those Recommendations to be sound and in the best interests of Rutgers University;

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the Rutgers University Senate endorses the Report on the Camden-Law Grade System Proposal, and recommends implementation of the Proposed Grading-System Change.