Rutgers University Senate
Executive Committee
For Senate Consideration on November 30, 2001

Resolution of the University Senate in Support of Proposed Changes
to the New Jersey National Guard Tuition Remission Program

Whereas: Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey is the higher-education institution of choice for hundreds of members of the New Jersey National Guard each year; and,

Whereas:  The men and women of the New Jersey National Guard have chosen to give of their time and talents in defense of our homeland and in providing emergency assistance throughout our state; and,

Whereas:  Current state law provides tuition remission for New Jersey National Guard members at public institutions of higher education on a space-available basis only; and,

Whereas:  Assemblymen Robert G. Smith and Leonard Lance, along with Senators John Bennett and John Lynch, have introduced bipartisan proposals to amend state law to create a comprehensive state-funded tuition-benefit program for New Jersey National Guard members; therefore,

Be it Resolved:  That the University Senate of Rutgers, the State University, commends the members of the New Jersey National Guard for their efforts in protecting our community, state, and country; and, therefore,

Be it Further Resolved:  That the University Senate asks President Francis L. Lawrence to convey to the State Legislature the body’s strong support of the improved New Jersey National Guard tuition benefit program set forth in Assembly Bill #3884 and Senate Bill #2667 and to thank Assemblyman Robert G. Smith, Assemblyman Leonard Lance, Senator John Bennett, and Senator John Lynch for their bipartisan sponsorship of the proposed legislation.

Members of the Senate Executive Committee:
Kathleen Scott, Chair
Samuel Rabinowitz, Vice Chair
Joseph Barone
Natalie Borisovets
Haym Hirsh
Paul Leath
Bert Manhoff
Liza Saniefard
Latesha Sims