Report of the Student Affairs Committee 12/5/00

Charge: S-0003

Review and comment on the Draft University Policy on Parental Notification received from Vice President for Student Affairs Emmet A. Dennis.


Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA protects the confidentiality of student records, guarantees students access to certain records, regulates disclosure of information from student files, provides opportunities for students to correct or amend records and add explanatory statements, and provides students the opportunity to file complaints with the Family Policy Compliance Office of the US Department of Education alleging infractions of FERPA. Whereas Rutgers University has been given the ability to alter the following policy on Parental Notification, the University has taken the position to keep the status quo (see attached) []


After a complete evaluation by the Student Affairs Committee of the University Senate, we believe that the Rutgers University Draft Policy on Parental Notification is in the best interest of the university student body.

Therefore, the Student Affairs Committee of the University Senate wholeheartedly urges the University Senate to endorse this policy on behalf of the Rutgers University student community.


Whereas, protecting the rights of the student body of Rutgers University is a fundamental responsibility of the university as a whole; and,

Whereas, Rutgers University’s Draft Policy on Parental Notification is consistent with supporting each student as an individually responsible and mature person; and,

Whereas, Rutgers seeks to comply with FERPA as well as the necessities of each individual, this Draft Policy embodies these qualities;

THEREFORE, Be It Resolved, that the Rutgers University Senate endorses the recommendations put forth by the Student Affairs Committee, and urges the university to remain consistent with its current stance on the Parental Notification issue.

Respectfully submitted,

The Student Affairs Committee
Singer, David, Cook (S), Co-chair
Wozniak, Kim, Rutgers (S), Co-chair
Bay, Mia, GS-NB (F)
DeGloma, Thomas, GS-NB (S)
Dennis, Emmet, VP for Student Affairs & UC-NB Dean (A) – Administrative Liaison
Eramian, Kelli, SB-NB (S)
Finne, Huckelberr, Rutgers (S)
Ishayik, Edna, Undergraduate Student BOT Rep
Janes, Harry, Cook (F)
Kalafat, John, GSAPP (F)
Kelly, Sean, NCAS (S)
Kenfield, John, FAS-NB (F)
Logue, Marie, Associate Dean for Student Development & College Affairs, Rutgers (A) (nonsenator)
Maradonna, Rory, Assoc. Provost & Dean of Students (A)
Miller, Jason, Cook (S)
Parikh, Rajiv, Rutgers (S)
Parker, Keish, CCAS (S)
Perlman, Jeffrey, GS-NB (S)
Pina, Alexandra, Livingston (S)
Robertson, Alyssa, Douglass (S)
Sheikh, Ali, NCAS (S)
Sparano, Loren, Pharmacy (S)
Sullivan, Regina, Livingston (S)
Sumner, Floyd, MGSA (F)
Vershon, Andrew, GS-NB (F)
Wright, Addie, Student Charter Trustee