Text of February 19, 2004 letter to Senate from President McCormick acknowledging Report and Resolution in Support of Affirmative Action:

I am pleased to accept the Report and Resolution in Support of Affirmative Action at Rutgers University as approved by the University Senate on March 28, 2003.

The administration shares the Senate’s commitment to the principles and goals of affirmative action, and we are pleased that the Supreme Court ruled in support of affirmative action in the University of Michigan cases last summer. On June 23, 2003, I released the following statement expressing the university’s reaction to the court rulings:

Today’s historic Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action will have a profound impact on our society for many years to come. I applaud the court for determining that race may be considered among many factors in the college admissions process. The court has reaffirmed the value of diversity on our campuses and has given us guidance on the tools we may use to achieve it. Rutgers hails the court’s validation of affirmative action.

The diversity of our student body is one of Rutgers’ greatest strengths and a significant source of pride. We will continue to embrace diversity as a core value because it enriches the educational experience for all of our students and thus benefits our entire society.

In the days ahead we will study these important decisions and consider their implications for Rutgers’ processes and programs.

Please express to the members of the University Senate and the Equal Opportunity Committee my thanks and admiration for their efforts on this issue of profound importance for Rutgers and for higher education nationwide.

Sincerely yours,

Richard L. McCormick