Text of March 25, 2004 letter to Senate from President McCormick acknowledging Report and Recommendations on Use of Electronic Applications for Admission:

I am pleased to accept the Report and Recommendations on Use of Electronic Applications for Admission as approved by the University Senate on February 20, 2004.

It is clear that, because of aggressive marketing by Rutgers and an ever-growing preference among young people for web-based transactions, electronic applications have rapidly become the clear choice of an overwhelming majority of applicants to the university. Last year, 91% of the total applicant pool applied online, 72.6% of the EOF applicants applied online, and 85.5% of under-represented minority applicants applied online. With a record high 30,139 students applying for admission, the university enrolled a competitive first-year class, satisfied its EOF goals, and welcomed a diverse student body from a variety of regions, state, and countries.

While the overwhelming majority of applicants have opted for the electronic application version, the admissions office will continue to offer prospective students a choice between the paper application and the electronic application. The undergraduate admissions office is sensitive to the fact that not all students have ready access to the Internet. Therefore, they will continue to send a supply of paper applications to select high schools upon request. The paper application is also readily available and downloadable from the admissions website.

Please extend my thanks to the Senate’s Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions Committee for its thoughtful work on this issue.

Sincerely yours,

Richard L. McCormick