Text of April 6, 2005 letter to Senate from President McCormick acknowledging Report and Recommendations on Faculty Departmental Voting Rights:

I am writing in response to the University Senate's Report and Recommendations on Faculty Departmental Voting Rights, which was approved at its November 19, 2004 meeting.  My thanks to the members of the Senate's Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee for their thoughtful work on this report and its recommendations for amending the University Regulations and Procedures Manual, Book 2, Section 2.1.1 Membership.

The administration is in agreement with the recommendations put forth in the Senate report.  Of particular note is the final sentence of the recommended insertion:  "In addition, the voting faculty body of their secondary department or unit may also designate them as voting members consistent with the bylaws of the department or unit, such approval being based on substantial involvement of the member in that unit."  We are in agreement that such decisions properly belong in the hands of the local faculty unit.

Sincerely yours,
Richard L. McCormick