Text of April 22, 2004 letter to Senate from President McCormick acknowledging Report on Knight Express Card:

I am pleased to accept the Report on the Knight Express Card as approved by the University Senate on March 26, 2004. Please extend my thanks to the members of the Student Affairs Committee for their work on this issue.

As Carolyn Knight-Cole of the Rutgers Division of Dining Services explained in her presentation to the Senate, the university has made significant progress in expanding use of the Knight Express card. Of particular note is the web site that has been developed to enable students to add money to their Knight Express account or deactivate a lost or stolen card. There are still some issues to be resolved regarding on-campus expansion - for example, the use of Knight Express Cards at laundry facilities may become moot should the Division of Housing move forward on a proposal to increase fees and remove coin operation altogether. Nonetheless, it is clear that the on-campus expansion has progressed to the point that it is time to explore off-campus expansion. Please know that the university will begin to reexamine the feasibility of expanding Knight Express off-campus in the coming year while continuing to improve its service on campus.

Sincerely yours,
Richard L. McCormick