Text of March 23, 2004 letter to Senate from President McCormick acknowledging, and accepting  recommendations of Senate reports on Procedures for Chair Appointments by Deans, Best Practices in Assessment of Teaching, and Making Public the Recipients and Amounts of FASIP Awards:

I am pleased to inform the Senate that my administration has reviewed the following University Senate reports and resolutions, that we agree with their recommendations, and that we have determined that they should be adopted as university policy:

The Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Philip Furmanski, will forward these reports and resolutions to the provosts, deans, and directors for their implementation, as appropriate.

Please convey to the members of the Senate, and to the members of the Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee, my thanks and appreciation for all their hard and constructive work in generating these reports and resolutions.  In particular, I wish to acknowledge and thank Dr. Paul Panayotatos, chairperson of the Senate, for his leadership on these important issues.

Sincerely yours,
Richard L. McCormick