MINUTES: Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE: May 3, 2019

TIME AND PLACE: 1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room, College Avenue Student Center, College Avenue Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Alexander-Floyd, Atkins, Aubert, Avallone, Bekdash, Bhuyan, Boikess, Bora, Borisovets, Brewster-Bauzyk, Bridgeman, Bugel, Chunn, Cole, D'Anna, Dane, Dasari, DeFilippis, DiLalo, Dowlin, Dreyer, Ebert, Emmons, Everett, Fellenz, Field, Giraud, Gould, Gower, Graber, Guo, Gursoy, Hunter, Hunter-Fratzola, Jarrin, Kabia, C. Kane, E. Kane, Kashalikar, Kaye, Kelly, Langer, LaPointe, Lee, Little, Lutz, Maglione-Rico, Mahajan-Cusack, Mammis, Marchetta, Markert, Masiello, Matto, McKeever, K. Murphy, Nickitas, Norris, O'Brassill-Kulfan, O'Connor, O'Neill, Oleske, Oliver, Pandey, Parrish, Parsa, Paskhover, B. Patel, M. Patel, S. Patel, Perez, Pinto-Figueroa, Porumbescu, Powell, Puhak, Rabinowitz, Ravichandran, Rothpletz-Puglia, Saltzman, Sanchez, Schwartz, Serrano, Sesti, C. Shah, Shapses, Silver, Spiegel, Steinberg, Stopyra, Szatrowski, Tharney, B. Thompson, K. Thompson, Thuravil, Tracey, Tsakalakos, Van Stine, Walkup

EXCUSED:  Barchi, DeFabiis, Denham-Barrett, Esposito, Goodman, Hartman, Johnson, Junboonta, Kurtas, Langsam, Lewis, Maloney, Mena-Segovia, Pappas, Puar, Rajan, Rivera, Shinbrot, Trees

ABSENT:   Abbasi, Acosta, Alidou, Alizadeh, Ardeshna, Artun, Awan, Balaguru, Barbarese, Barone, Brunson, Cahill, Cantor, Carson, Carty, Castaneda, Chinn, Collins, Conway, Cotter, Covington, Craig, J. Cummings, M. Cummings, Dettloff, Eastman, Eaton, Eisenstein, Estriplet, Fagan, Farmbry, Farris, Feldman, Filippelli, Ganesh, Gillett, Goldfarb, Gonzalez, Greenberg, Gross, Haddon, Halkitis, Han, Hatefi, Heckscher, Holzemer, Honeycutt, Iannini, Joergensen, Johnson, Kaminskas, Kettle, Kukor, Kustka, Lei, Lema, Lindboe, LoGrippo, Lopez, Lugg, Mahon, Mancini, Mansukhani, March, Marchitello, Marsic, Mazurek, Menifield, Miller, Molloy, B. Murphy, Norville, Pardlo, Patton, Peyrek, Pichugin, Ponzio, C. Potter, J. Potter, Pradhan, Raval, Raza, Rosen, Schiavo, Schneider, Sen, A. Shah, Shapiro, Sheridan, Song, Soto, Stauffer, Strom, Struble, Takhistov, Vidal, White, Wilde, Williams, Yang, Zamora-Porras, Zhang, Ziessler

ATTENDANCE  SUMMARY : Faculty:  Faculty: Of 115 total: 62 present (54%), 8 excused (7%), 45 absent (39%); Students: Of 41 total: 16 present (39%), 3 excused (7%), 22 absent (54%); Administrators: Of 38 total: 4 present (11%), 2 excused (5%), 32 absent (84%); Staff: Of 18 total: 12 present (67%), 4 excused (22%),  2 absent (11%); Alumni: Of 6 total: 3 present (50%), 0 excused (0%), 3 absent (50%)


Senate Chair Peter Gillett called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. in the College Avenue Student Center Multipurpose Room, College Avenue Campus. 
He said it was his pleasure to serve as chair during the past 3 years and thanked all for their support. He thanked all for sharing their time and talents this past year while expressing his delight in serving as the Vice Chair next year alongside Jon Oliver as Chair.

SECRETARY'S REPORT - Mary Mickelsen, Executive Secretary


Instruction, Curricula, and Advising Committee (ICAC) Response to Charge S-1805 on Complementary Credentialing and Digital Badges for Rutgers University - Ann Gould, ICAC Member

The ICAC was charged as follows: Consider the feasibility of, and approach to, developing complementary digital badging credentialing system at Rutgers University. Examine the complementary credentialing programs already in place at Rutgers. Make appropriate recommendations, including guidelines for departments and programs.

ICAC Member Ann Gould presented and summarized the ICAC's Response to Charge S-1805 on Complementary Credentialing and Digital Badges for Rutgers University. After Gould responded to a few questions regarding governance of the system and a possible advising structure the passed the report with 2 opposed.

Resolution on Issues Related to the Progress of Rutgers as a Leading Research Institution - Karen Thompson, PTL Member of the Senate Executive Committee

Senate Executive Committee Member Karen Thompson gave background on and presented the Resolution on Issues Related to the Progress of Rutgers as a Leading Research Institution. She then heard comments on and answered questions related to the concerning conditions PTLs are teaching under, increasing number of undergraduate students and the decreasing number of tenure-track-faculty, and the differences between PTLs and clinical adjunct faculty at RBHS. The report was then voted on and passed with 2 opposed.


There was no new business.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT - Barbara Lee, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Senior Vice President Lee presented an Administrative Report that included comments on:

Lee then heard comments on or answered questions regarding the following:

- Jon Oliver, Senate Vice Chair
Senate Vice Chair Jon Oliver thanked all Senators for all their hard work and dedication this past year, as well as highlighting Chair Peter Gillett and Executive Secretary Mary Mickelsen for all the work they have done and continue to do to keep the Senate operating at the optimal level we have come to expect.  He also summarized the April 12 Executive Committee meeting including the charges issued to various committees.


Sam Rabinowtiz reported on the April 9 Board of Governors meeting and Mary Jo Bugel, Ilce Perez, and Robert Schwartz reported on the last Board of Trustees meeting.


Senator Michael Van Stine spoke about the Parking Symposium on the Camden Campus and Senator Samuel Rabinowitz reported the Camden Faculty Council will meet the week of May 6. There was no report from the Newark Faculty or Student Liaisons. Senator Sanjib Bhuyan, New Brunswick Faculty Council Chair, reported on that group's plans and their April 26, 2019 meeting. Senator Julie Serrano, New Brunswick Student Member of the Senate Executive Committee, reported on RUSAs successful campus-wide election, and thanked all for her experience on the Senate the last 4 years.  Senator Carol Lutz reported on the April 22 meeting and on their efforts to get all faculty councils in the University Library.


Adjourned at 2:36 p.m.

Minutes Written and Submitted by,
Mary Mickelsen
Executive Secretary of the University Senate