Rutgers University Senate
University Structure and Governance Committee
Resolution:  Support for the Chair of the University Senate
As amended and adopted by the University Senate on September 30, 2005

Finding:  The Report of the Joint Commission on University Governance in  June 1979 recommended that the Chair and other responsible officers of the University Senate receive support in order to encourage them to seriously carry out their important duties.  This issue has been adopted twice by the Senate in the past.  The University Structure and Governance Committee agrees with this recommendation.
Recognizing the increased responsibilities of the Senate Chair, and to improve the effectiveness of the Senate’s operations, we recommend to the President that the central administration provide additional support to the Senate.  If the Chair of the Senate is a faculty member, that person’s department should receive relief which allows the department to provide one course release to the faculty member.  If the Chair of the Senate is a student, there should be a provision for students to receive  elective or independent course (or internship)  credit for their service to the Senate through arrangements with an appropriate department.  Appropriate relief should be made if the Chair is a representative of other constituencies of the Senate.  The University Senate believes that it would enhance the role of shared governance and, especially, it would send a strong message to all levels that service is indeed appreciated, if FASIP, P4P or other appropriate rewards were given at the president’s level to individuals providing significant service to the university through the Senate.