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2021-2022 Ad Hoc Committee on Senate Culture & Leadership

Examine the culture of the Senate, and the roles and responsibilities of senate leaders including: Chair, Vice Chair, Executive Committee members and committee chairs. Determine if revisions need to be made to the current roles and responsibilities, outlined in the Senate Handbook and University Policy 50.2.1: Senate Membership and Organization. Make recommendations as appropriate. Report to the Executive Secretary by December 2021.

Senator Constituency
Sam Rabinowitz, Co-ChairSchool of Business-Camden, Faculty
Adrienne Simonds, Co-ChairSchool of Health Professions, Faculty
Robert Boikess, MemberSchool of Arts and Sciences-NB, Faculty
Adrienne Esposito, MemberNew Brunswick Staff
Peter Gillett, MemberRutgers Business School: Undergraduate NB, Faculty
Ralph Giraud, MemberSchool of Business-Camden, Faculty
Lisa Mahajan-Cusack, MemberLecturer-Newark, Faculty
Jon Oliver, MemberNew Brunswick Staff
Houshang Parsa, MemberAlumni Association
Kevin Schroth, MemberRBHS Centers, Bureaus, and Institutes, Faculty
Troy Shinbrot, MemberSchool of Engineering, Faculty
Martin Siederer, MemberAlumni Association
Thomas Struble, MemberAlumni Association
Karen Thompson, MemberLecturer-New Brunswick, Faculty
Mario Tommasi, MemberRutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Staff