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2020-2021Ad Hoc Committee on Senate Culture & Leadership

Examine the culture of the Senate, and the roles and responsibilities of senate leaders including: Chair, Vice Chair, Executive Committee members and committee chairs. Determine if revisions need to be made to the current roles and responsibilities, outlined in the Senate Handbook and University Policy 50.2.1: Senate Membership and Organization. Make recommendations as appropriate. Report to the Executive Secretary by December 2021.

Senator Constituency
Sam Rabinowitz, Co-ChairSchool of Business-Camden, Faculty
Adrienne Simonds, Co-ChairSchool of Health Professions, Faculty
Ralph Giraud, MemberSchool of Business-Camden, Faculty
Lisa Mahajan-Cusack, MemberPart-Time Lecturer-Newark, Faculty
Robert Boikess, MemberSchool of Arts & Sciences-NB, Faculty
Peter Gillett, MemberRutgers Business School:Undergraduate NB, Faculty
Troy Shinbrot, MemberSchool of Engineering, Faculty
Jon Oliver, MemberNew Brunswick Staff
Adrienne Esposito, MemberNew Brunswick Staff
Karen Thompson, MemberPart-Time Lecturer-New Brunswick, Faculty
Kevin Schroth, MemberRBHS, Centers, Bureaus & Institutes, Faculty
Mario Tommasi, MemberRutgers Biomedical & Health Sciences Staff
Houshang Parsa, MemberAlumni Association
Martin Siederer, MemberAlumni Association
Thomas Struble, MemberAlumni Association