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2023-2024 Ad Hoc Committee on University Senate Parliamentarian

Currently, the Parliamentarian must be a Senator. To maintain neutrality in the role and allow a Parliamentarian senator to speak on the Senate floor, consider whether changing the qualifications of the Parliamentarian to allow the appointment of a non-Senator, such as a professional hired for the role or a former Senator, and/or allowing for a Deputy Parliamentarian would better allow Senators to participate in Senate business and enhance the functioning of the Senate.

Senator Constituency
Jon Oliver, Chair
Rochelle Andrews, MemberAlumni Association
Natalie Borisovets, MemberNewark At-Large, Faculty
Alison Clarke, MemberRutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Staff
Lucille Foster, MemberNewark Staff
Ann Gould, Member
Kerry Hennessy, MemberNew Brunswick Staff
Vicki Hewitt, MemberSenate Office
Heather Pierce, MemberLecturer-New Brunswick, Faculty
Robert Schwartz, MemberNew Jersey Medical School, Faculty
Ted Szatrowski, MemberRutgers Business School: Undergraduate NB, Faculty
Tuğrul Özel, MemberNew Brunswick At-Large, Faculty