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Oct 22nd
2:10 pm

Senate Meeting


Agenda Distributed On
Friday, October 15th 2021

Friday, October 22, 2021, 2:10 p.m.

Remotely via Zoom


REPORT OF THE SECRETARY – Morgan Smith, Interim Executive Secretary of the Senate

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT – Jonathan Holloway, University President

ELECTION OF STUDENT MEMBERS OF THE SENATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE AND BOARD REPRESENTATIVES – This election is being held because no eligible candidates were nominated during the April 30, 2021Organizational meeting. Self-nominations have been solicited from eligible student Senators. (Candidates are eligible only if they are currently certified as University Student Senators.) Nominations may also be made from the floor during this meeting.

Voting Access Link:

NEW BUSINESS  [Note: Article IV.A. of the Senate Bylaws states, “All new matters shall be referred to committee before coming to the Senate (unless extenuating circumstances apply, as indicated under section C.4…” Also, the Senate Executive Committee has authorized committee-of-the-whole discussions under New Business as appropriate, and time permitting.]






*Note: Addition of items to the Agenda requires a two-thirds vote. There is an overall time limit of 3 hours for Senate meetings. Specific time limits are set for questions and debate, not for presentation of reports. After approval, extension of time limits requires a two-thirds vote.

Remaining 2021-22 University Senate Meetings
[Fall 2021:  All meetings will be held virtually in order to adhere to social distancing guidelines set forth by President Holloway in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Spring 2022: Unless otherwise noted and if large gathering restrictions are not continued, meetings will be held in the Multipurpose Room, College Avenue Student Center, College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick.]

November 19, 2021
December 10, 2021
January 21, 2022
February 18, 2021 (Camden)
March 25, 2022
April 29, 2022
 (The April 29 meeting may convene at 10:30 or 11:00 a.m. This meeting is the last of this year’s Senate, but will begin with the first meeting of next year’s Senate, at which Senate officers, Executive Committee members, and board representatives will be elected. The start time will be determined by the Senate EC in April 2022.)



MINUTES: Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE: October 22, 2021

TIME AND PLACE: 1:10 p.m., Remotely via Zoom

PRESENT: Abdel-Wahab, Ameri, Amjad, Anderson, Andrews, Ardeshna, Azer, Bachmann, Baldi, Barbarese, Barlow, Bernstein, Bhattacharya, Bhavaraju, Bogden, Boikess, Boison, Boxer, Bridgeman, Brienza-Arcilla, Broggi, Buyske, Cardoso, Castellano, Charles, Choo, Chowdhury, Clarke, Cooper, Crawford, Dane, Davidson, Davis, Den Bleyker, Drazer, Esposito, Everett, Ewins, Farmer, Fatahzadeh, Field, Figueira, Foster, Fougnies, Fox, Garner, Gillett, Giraud, Gomes, Goonetilleke, Gould, Gower, Granadeiro, Gursoy, Halprin, Hara, Hauck, Haviland, Holloway, Hu, Hunter, Hurd, Husan, Irizarry, Javeri, Kahanda, Kelly, Kettle, Kiss, Kovacs, Kozlosky, LaMorte, Laraia, Linardopoulos, Lino-Barbosa, Liu, Lyles, Mahajan-Cusack, Mansukhani, Manzini, Marchetta, Markert, Marsic, Matto, Mazurek, McKeever, Mignogna, Miller, Miranti, Moghe, Oliver, Ozel, Parsa, Patel, Pichugin, Pintar, Pinto-Figueroa, Poole, Prihoda, Rabinowitz, Riedel-Prabhakar, Rivera, Rizvi, Robalino, Roth, Sagarra, Saltzman, Schroth, Schwartz, Scott, Shah, Shapses, Shawl, Shih, Shinbrot, Siederer, Simonds, Sinacori, Smith, Sonnenberg, Spiegel, Stephens, Stroiman, Struble, Sutton, Swamy, Szatrowski, Taipe, Tan, Tewfik, Thompson, Todorinova, Torres, Tsakalakos, Valverde, Vega, Vellangany, Virani, Volino, Westrich, White, Willett, Wirtenberg, Woortman, Yamamoto

EXCUSED: Alizadeh, Baldi, Bhuyan, Brienza-Arcilla, Dool, Fellenz, Huang, Levine, O’Connor, Sharma

ABSENT: Adya, Allamand, Anderson Eloy, Aubry, Barone, Grald Beegan, Blanchett, Borisovets, Cabrera, Campbell, Cantor, Carrero, Chefitz, Cole, Conway, Crews, Daughety, Eaton, Edelstein, Elsaid, Emedom-Nnamdi, English, Farris, Feldman, Fernandez, Flynn, Fudge, Guo, Haley, Halkitis, Hatefi, Hein, Henderson, Hsueh, Johnson, Kaye, Knode, Kothari, Kukor, Kustka, Lawson, Lei, Leibman, Lopez, Lutz, Maddox Douglas, Mahon, Maloney, March, Marchitello, Marich, Markowitz, Menifield, Molloy, Moore, Morton, Mutcherson, Nath, Nickitas, Oberle, Patel, Potter, Potter, Ryan, Samlin, Schwartz, Shah, Shah, Shapiro, Strom, Tadros, Takhistov, Thakuriah, Tommasi, Valle, Veysey, Walkup, Wang, Warde, Whitehead


Chair Oliver called the meeting to order at 2:13pm on Friday, October 22 and welcomed everyone for coming. He noted that this type of meeting is not unheard of, but also uncommon due to the lack of reports. Reminded senators about today’s election after the administrative report and emphasized the important of student participation in shared governance. Chair Oliver then congratulated President Holloway due to his upcoming inauguration ceremony on November 5, 2021.

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY – Morgan Smith, Interim Executive Secretary

  • Agenda: The meeting’s agenda including time limits, was approved by the Senate.
  • Minutes: The Minutes of the September 24, 2021 Senate meeting were approved as distributed by the Interim Executive Secretary.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT – Jonathan Holloway, University President

Following introductions from Senate Chair Oliver, President Holloway delivered his Administrative Report touching on the following topics:

  • 2020-2021 University Commencement
  • The timeline of events for the President’s inauguration taking place November 4th and 5th with the theme of “This is What Excellence Looks Like” including details on the In Service to The Common Good webinar
  • Rutgers Scarlet Knights women’s soccer team being #9 in the country and undefeated among the BIG 10 along with the Rutgers Scarlet Knights field hockey team being #3 in the country
  • The Office of Climate Action is open and the plan has been released
  • University Equity and Inclusion and the strategic plans on hiring faculty from underrepresented backgrounds
  • The Board of Governors has agreed to remove Joseph P Bradley from Bradley Hall on Newark Campus
  • Equity and initiatives for PTL equity

President Holloway then answered questions on the above topics and the following:

  • Carbon Neutrality team accessibility
  • Plans on repopulating the campus regarding mask wearing
  • The path to Academic Freedom
  • Scheduling and staffing problems among PTL’s, job insecurity and full-time teaching loads

ELECTION OF STUDENT MEMBERS OF THE SENATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE AND BOARD REPRESENTATIVES – This election was held because no eligible candidates were nominated during the April 30, 2021 Organizational meeting. Self-nominations were solicited from eligible student Senators prior to, as well as from the floor during, the meeting.

The candidates for each position can be found in the linked documents above.

Results of the 21-22 Student Executive Committee Members and Board Representatives Election:

  • New Brunswick Student Member of the EC: Victoria Den Bleyker, SAS-NB (S)
  • Newark Student Member of the EC: David Daughety, NCAS (S)
  • Camden Student Member of the EC: Josefina Ewins, GS-C (S)
  • RBHS Student Member of the EC: Emmaleigh Hauck, SHP (S)
  • Student Representative to the BOG: Malachi Sutton, SAS-NB (S)
  • Undergraduate Student Representative to the BOT: Fauzan Amjad, SAS-NB (S)
  • Graduate Student Representative to the BOT: Amanda Azer, NJMS (S)

OLD BUSINESS: There was no old business.

NEW BUSINESS: There was no new business.

SENATE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT – Senate Vice Chair Peter Gillett reported on the October 8, 2021 Senate Executive Committee Meeting


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 4:02 p.m.

Minutes prepared by:
Morgan Smith, Interim Executive Secretary of the University Senate

Present Senators

Omer Abdel-Wahab Mason Ameri Fauzan Amjad Katie Anderson Rochelle Andrews Anil Ardeshna Amanda Azer Gloria Bachmann Andrea Baldi Joseph Barbarese Shannon Barlow Ashley Bernstein Debashish Bhattacharya Rajita Bhavaraju John Bogden Robert Boikess Detlev Boison Paul Boxer Mary Bridgeman Diane Brienza-Arcilla Emma Broggi Steve Buyske Georgia Cardoso William Castellano Sabrina Charles Jessey Choo Sadman Chowdhury Alison Clarke Taryn Cooper Christopher Crawford Perry Dane Tyrone Davidson Siatta Davis Victoria Den Bleyker German Drazer Adrienne Esposito Brian Everett Josefina Ewins Antoinette Farmer Mahnaz Fatahzadeh William Field Thomas Figueira Lucille Foster Lara Fougnies Daniel Fox David Garner Peter Gillett Ralph Giraud Jessica Gomes Lasantha Goonetilleke Ann Gould Michael Gower Andre Granadeiro Kemal Gursoy Franklin Halprin Masanori Hara Emmaleigh Hauck Martha Haviland Jonathan Holloway William Hu Arlene Hunter Maureen Hurd Shubon Husan Patricia Irizarry Saloni Javeri Galathara Kahanda Michael Kelly John Kettle Geza Kiss Kathryn Kovacs Danielle Kozlosky Gerard LaMorte Kayla Laraia Nicholas Linardopoulos Anthony Lino-Barbosa Liping Liu Rhonda Lyles Lisa Mahajan-Cusack Rupal Mansukhani Chiara Manzini Josephine Marchetta Joseph Markert Ivan Marsic Elizabeth Matto Monica Mazurek Kenneth McKeever Mary Mickelsen Stephanie Mignogna Paul Miranti Jennifer Oberle Jon Oliver Houshang Parsa Suja Patel Alexander Pichugin John Pintar Sofia Pinto-Figueroa Madai Poole Katherine Prihoda Sam Rabinowitz Rachel Riedel-Prabhakar Alicia Rivera Zainab Rizvi Olivia Robalino Monica Roth Cynthia Saltzman Kevin Schroth Robert Schwartz Rob Scott Aanchel Shah Sue Shapses Awad Shawl Mi Shih Troy Shinbrot Martin Siederer Adrienne Simonds Barbara Sinacori Morgan Smith Frank Sonnenberg Menahem Spiegel Thomas Stephens Amanda Stroiman Thomas Struble Malachi Sutton Siddharth Swamy Ted Szatrowski Rachel Taipe Zhiqiang Tan George Tewfik Karen Thompson Lily Todorinova Jose Torres Thomas Tsakalakos Sean Valverde Cassandra Vega Isaac Vellangany Jay Virani Lucio Volino Josee Westrich Carolyne White Laura Willett Jeana Wirtenberg Melissa Woortman Laura Yamamoto Tuğrul Özel

Excused Senators

Omer Abdel-Wahab Farid Alizadeh Andrea Baldi Sanjib Bhuyan Diane Brienza-Arcilla Rick Dool Chazz Fellenz Bingru Huang Jeffrey Levine Carol Lutz James O'Connor Ranita Sharma

Absent Senators

Monica Adya Carole Allamand Jean Anderson Eloy Consuella Askew Marie-Pierre Aubry Joseph Barone Gerald Beegan Wanda Blanchett Jonathan Cabrera Sara Campbell Nancy Cantor Luis Carrero Dalya Chefitz Peter Cole Francine Conway Russell Crews David Daughety Adrienne Eaton Michelle Edelstein Nuralhoda Elsaid Clinton Emedom-Nnamdi Devin English Thomas Farris Cecile Feldman Linda Flynn Isaiah Fudge Grace Guo Anna Haley Perry Halkitis Arash Hatefi Taja-Nia Henderson Denise Hien Wayne Hsueh Miriam Jaffe Robert Johnson Rachel Kaye Bryan Knode Neil Kothari Adam Kustka Laura Lawson Lei Lei Ray Leibman Lisa Maddox Douglas Gwendolyn Mahon Steven Malin Peter March Bruce Marich Norman Markowitz Bill McCarthy Charles Menifield Joel Miller Christopher Molloy David Moore Patricia Morton Kimberly Mutcherson Badri Nath Donna Nickitas Meera Patel Jonathan Potter Cathryn Potter Sharon Ryan Nuria Sagarra Jason Samlin Stacy Schwartz Aman Shah Bijal Shah Michael Shapiro Brian Strom Matt (Monther) Tadros Paul Takhistov Ivanok Tavarez Piyushimita Thakuriah Antonio Tillis Valerie Valle James Walkup Xiaojue Wang Heidi Warde Ian Whitehead

Committee Meetings

Academic Standards, Regulations & Admissions Committee Meeting

Zoom @ 10:00 am

Budget & Finance Committee Meeting

Zoom @ 10:00 am

Faculty Affairs & Personnel Committee Meeting

Zoom @ 10:00 am

Information Technology Committee Meeting

Zoom @ 10:00 am

Instruction, Curricula & Advising Committee Meeting

Zoom @ 10:00 am

Research, Graduate & Professional Education Committee Meeting

Zoom @ 10:00 am

Student Affairs Committee Meeting

Zoom @ 10:00 am

University Structure & Governance Committee

Zoom @ 10:00 am

Caucus Meetings

Faculty Caucus Meeting

Zoom @ 1:00 pm

Student Caucus Meeting

Zoom @ 1:00 pm

Alumni Caucus Meeting

Zoom @ 1:00 pm

Staff Caucus Meeting

Zoom @ 1:00 pm