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Jun 4th
12:00 pm

Executive Committee Meeting


Agenda Items Due On
Wednesday, May 26th 2021

Agenda Distributed On
Friday, May 28th 2021

Executive Committee


June 4, 2021 – 12:00 p.m. ~ Zoom


Chair’s Report– Jon Oliver, Senate Chair

Secretary’s Report– Mary Mickelsen, Senate Executive Secretary

Administrative Report– Prabhas Moghe, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Multi-Factor Authentication Working Group – Robert Boikess, SAS-NB (F) and Adrienne Esposito, New Brunswick Staff

Selection of Members of the Chancellor’s Commencement Committees  (final roster of volunteers will be distributed immediately prior to the meeting via email)

Reports for Reference:

Senate Meeting Environment Post-Covid Gathering Restrictions – Jon Oliver, Senate Chair

Standing Committees/Panels

Draft of 2021-22 Standing Committee Rosters and Assignment of Chairs ~ Final draft rosters will be distributed via email the morning of today’s meeting.

Proposed Charges:

Proposed Charge to the Research and Graduate & Professional Education Committee (RGPEC) on Research Information Systems – Submitted by Jon Oliver, Senate Chair/New Brunswick Staff

Charge: Investigate the development of Research Information Systems. Determine best practices and system impacts as well as what office should lead the university to ensure that Rutgers research impact is maximized.

Rationale: A small group of library and SC&I faculty have been following the development of Research Information Systems at Rutgers. There is campus research and faculty development impacts of these systems. We believe that launching a conversation to understand leadership and faculty needs would advance our research impact, create a shared understanding of faculty needs, and scaffold the learning & development paths that can be created and pursued.

Participants: Mark Aakhus, SC&I; Jon Oliver, SC&I; Laura Mullen, NBL Scholarly Communications; Mei Ling Lo, NBL Science Librarian & Bibliometrics; myself

Newly launched, externally focused Academic Analytics: https://rutgersresearchexperts.rutgers.edu/dashboard

Research with Rutgers site, powered by Elsevier Pure and licensed by state, sunsetting in August 2021: https://www.researchwithrutgers.com/

Libraries SOAR site: https://soar.libraries.rutgers.edu/

Additional products under consideration, including Clarivate and Dimensions

New Brunswick Libraries has expertise in this space, and can help gather information and user feedback

Proposed Charge to the Academic Standards, Regulations, and Admissions Committee (ASRAC) on Late Course Add/Drop Policies – Submitted by Michael Van Stine, Graduate School – Camden (S)

Charge: Investigate current practices for approval of late course add/drop polices and determine best practices for their approval and adjudication when they are not approved. Consider best practices used by peers to guide approval of late course add/drop requests and whether an appeal process (or an alternative mechanism) would be appropriate for evaluating, approving and adjudicating late add/drop requests. As appropriate, propose such a process, including procedures, factors to be considered in adjudication, and appropriate levels of discretion to be exercised by deans, advisors, instructors, and others.

Rationale: Late add/drop requests may be justified based on specific student circumstances. Many peer institutions allow not just for late requests but in many cases provide adjudication processes for students when denied the privilege of a late request. At present, the university has numerous disparate policies between campuses and schools regarding late course add/drop requests. In general, but not in all cases, policies require both the approval of the receiving instructor and the appropriate academic dean to be processed after academic calendar deadlines. However, in some cases the student need only to obtain permission of the instructor to add a course late. In other cases, undergraduate students may also require the permission of the dean of the college or academic advisor to register after the add/drop period, but this is not consistent. Graduate students are in some cases encouraged to contact their program director for information or restrictions regarding late registration without stated standardized procedures. Some academic deans have interpreted discretion to be solely theirs and have interpreted discretion to be to never allow late add/drop/transfer requests which is the absence of using any discretion. There need also to be defined rules for discretion and transparency in adjudication.

Proposed Charge to the University Structure and Governance Committee (USGC) on Free Speech Issues at Rutgers and the University Senate’s Role – Submitted by Michael Van Stine, Graduate School – Camden (S)

Charge: Investigate the state of affairs of free speech issues and policies of the University as a function of structural approaches and recommend better methods that are more inclusive of all diverse stakeholders to maximize free speech, academic freedom in the classroom and minimize conflict.Consider the most effective mechanism enabling the University Senate to provide the administration with feedback and advice from the Rutgers community relating to statements, policy, and implementation on matters of free speech. Look at peer best practices. Make any appropriate recommendations.

Rationale: An effective approach to widely and effectively discussing matters of free speech and academic freedom continues to elude the university, with continued and regular issues and conflicts that get magnified in the press year in and out. In 2018, University Administration established a free speech panel with representation of administration and law faculty with no provision for qualified input from other faculty, staff, alumni or students, and and has used at minimum questionable rationale in excluding these critical constituents. There has to a better way to widen levels of discussion and advise in a manner to better manage the university’s collective interests on topic and in a way that is more inclusive and less divisive/derisive.

Proposed Letter to President Holloway on RBHS Executive Chair Position – Robert Boikess, SAS-NB (F)

Committee Reports/Resolutions:

Instruction, Curricula, and Advising Committee (ICAC) S-2104: Best Practices for Asynchronous Instruction – Natalie Borisovets, ICAC Chair

The ICAC was charged as follows:

Consider and make recommendations on best practices for asynchronous instruction. Respond to the Senate Executive Committee by May 26, 2021.

Resolution in Support of Dr. Audrey Truschke – Robert Boikess, SAS-NB, Faculty 

Discussion of RBHS Executive Chair Position – Robert Boikess, SAS-NB (F)

Old Business

Proposed Charge to Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee (FPAC) on PTL Pay and Recognition – Submitted by Joseph Markert, RBS:UNB (F)/FPAC Co-Chair

Charge: Investigate broadening the scope of recognition and compensation for Rutgers Part-time Lecturers — who help comprise the scholarly community and teach the majority of Undergraduate students at Rutgers

Rationale: Charge S-2007 (PTL Health and Wellness) resolution had a suggested action related to PTL compensation which was deleted prior to charge S-2007 being passed by the Senate. This new requested charge allows the FPAC to discuss and propose suggested changes to PTL compensation as a separate topic using data from other universities.

(Limitation: Given that the substance of this charge involves a mandatorily negotiable topic of union negotiations, it should be understood that any Senate recommendations will urge the administration toward a particular course of action. In this case, recommendations would be positions important for the administration to take at the bargaining table with the PTL union.)

This charge was proposed at the April 16, 2021 Senate Executive Committee Meeting, and after discussion it was determined more information/clarification was needed from the FPAC co-chairs to make a final decision on this proposal,  and requested it come back for reconsideration at this meeting.

New Business


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