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Nov 4th
12:00 pm

Executive Committee Meeting – Camden Campus


Agenda Items Due On
Wednesday, October 27th 2021

Agenda Distributed On
Friday, October 29th 2021

Executive Committee


November 4, 2021 – 12:00 noon


1.Chair’s Report– Jon Oliver, Senate Chair

2. Secretary’s Report– Morgan Smith, Senate Interim Executive Secretary

3. Administrative Report– Prabhas Moghe, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

4. Standing Committees/Panels

Issues/Proposed Charges:

Proposed Charge to the Faculty and Personnel Affairs Committee on SIRS – Submitted by Senator Bob Boikess, SAS-NB (F)

Charge: The FPAC should investigate the validity and accuracy of Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET), as well as the details of how the SIRS is implemented at Rutgers and should make recommendations for its role in our new approach to the evaluation and improvement of teaching effectiveness

Background: For many years the teaching effectiveness of faculty members at Rutgers was judged primarily, if not exclusively, using the numerical results of two questions on the Student Instructional Rating Survey (SIRS). Several years ago, then EVPAA Barbara Lee initiated a process to develop a more comprehensive and accurate procedure for the evaluation of teaching effectiveness. The proposed new procedure includes peer evaluations and teaching portfolios. Unfortunately, the pandemic has to some extent derailed the implementation of the new procedure; but the University now is moving toward implementing it.

Questions and concerns about the role of the SIRS in the new procedure have been raised in various quarters, such as the New Brunswick Faculty Council. In particular, proposals have been made to use the SIRS to improve teaching effectiveness, but not for personnel decisions. Given that teaching evaluation is an issue that is of university-wide concern, it is appropriate that the Senate consider this issue and in particular the role of the SIRS.

Committee Reports/Resolutions:

Ad Hoc Committee Response to Charge S-2107 Review of University Policy 20.1.22 – No Smoking – Kevin Schroth, Committee Chair

Ad Hoc Committee was charged as follows:

Review the University “No Smoking Policy”. Consider renaming the policy to the inclusive all tobacco products. Make recommendations on any necessary changes.

Charge Extension Requests:

The Instruction, Curricula and Advising Committee requests an extension to January 2022 for the following charge:

    • S-2106: Office of Disability Services – Due November 23, 2021 (The report for this charge was submitted for review at the March 2021 EC meeting.)

The Information Technology Committee requests and extension to April 2022 for the following charge:

    • S-2109 Communication Mechanisms Regarding Major Changes in IT Applications (The report for this charge was submitted for review at the April 2021 EC Meeting)

The University Structure and Governance Committee requests extensions for the following charges:

    • S-2008: How Staff Senators are Elected – Due November 22, 2021
    • S-2019: Review the Senate’s Relationship with the Rutgers Governing Boards – Due November 22, 2021
    • S-2108: Senate Procedures for Debate, Amendment, and Voting – Due November 22, 2021

5. New Business

RWJBH Resolution on Hiring Transparency and Equality – Submitted by Amy Hale

Proposed Resolution on Class Scheduling – Submitted by Farid Alizadeh, RBS-UN (F)

Whereas the Covid 19 pandemic has necessitated re-scheduling of some classes to avoid large crowds, whereas some evening classes are extended well into the night, sometimes beyond 10:30 pm, and which this decision may have caused great Inconvenience to both faculty and particularly students, and possibly could have compromised their safety, be it resolved that

      1. The university administration should continue to take temporary measures to safeguard the Rutgers students, faculty, and staff so as to minimize the dangers of Covid-19 infection and spread.
      2. The university administration should continue to schedule classes during the Covid-19 pandemic in a manner that ensures the safety of students, faculty, and staff.
      3. The university should not implement the class scheduling in a manner that would cause extreme inconvenience to students and faculty, and that introduces new risks and dangers to them.
      4. The university administration must consult the decanal units and departments and consider their input in any of these temporary changes in class scheduling.
      5. The university administration should not make any of these pandemic-related changes permanent without consultation with and consent of the decanal units and departments.

6Old Business

7. University Senate November 19, 2021 Agenda

    • Regular Senate Meeting via Zoom
    • Administrative Report by University President Jonathan Holloway

8. Adjournment

No minutes have been recorded for this meeting.

Present Senators

Fauzan Amjad Gloria Bachmann Robert Boikess David Daughety Victoria Den Bleyker Josefina Ewins Lucille Foster Peter Gillett Ralph Giraud Jon Oliver Sam Rabinowitz Robert Schwartz Thomas Struble Malachi Sutton Karen Thompson Carolyne White Laura Willett

Excused Senators

Absent Senators

Amanda Azer Anna Haley Emmaleigh Hauck Adrienne Simonds