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2020-2021Executive Committee - Senate Officers Committee

(Executive Committee members are elected by the Senate.  Senators should select from among the other standing committees when indicting a committee preference.)

Standing Charge:  To perform those duties defined in University Policy 50.2.2., to coordinate the activities of the Senate and its committees, and to exercise such powers as the Senate may delegate to it.

The Executive Committee shall act on behalf of the Senate between meetings of the Senate, and report these actions to the Senate.  (Note: On September 29, 1970, the Senate passed a motion authorizing the Executive Committee to act on its behalf between meetings of the Senate as provided in University Policies 50.2.1.F. and 50.2.3.F., and requiring the Executive Committee to report these actions to the Senate.)  Although the Executive Committee is empowered to act for the Senate in exceptional circumstances, it shall minimize responding to emergency situations that require its independent, precipitous action, and shall strengthen and publicize its planning, referral, evaluation, and liaison functions, as follows:

a.  Planning Function of the Executive Committee

  • To review the annual reports from Senate committee chairpersons and decide which charges should be continued or modified, and to anticipate and propose other matters needing Senate attention. The Secretary will transmit these matters as charges to the appropriate committee with background information.
  • To assign members to Senate standing committees and panels, ensuring broad representation on each of the committees (to the extent possible within the limitation in the third paragraph of “Committees of the Senate”).
  • To take responsibility for assuring standing committees, and the Senate as a whole, sufficient time in which to study and advise on all proposals brought to it.
  • To issue, at its discretion, a rule calling for a specific voting procedure on a resolution pending before the Senate, including voting by secret ballot, to ensure an efficient voting procedure, and to protect the integrity of the vote whenever issues of extreme sensitivity or confidentiality exist.

b.  Referral Function of the Executive Committee

  • To refer new matters to the committees throughout the year. The Secretary will transmit these referrals in writing with appropriate supporting information.
  • To establish ad hoc committees and charge them appropriately. In keeping with its referral function, the Executive Committee shall generally refrain from initiating discussion of new issues on the Senate floor but rather move all business through the committee structure.

c.  Evaluation Function of the Executive Committee

  • To review and evaluate the performance of Senate committees and the Senate body as a whole periodically throughout the year. To report to the Senate the results of such evaluations.

d.  Liaison Function of the Executive Committee

  • To arrange for and monitor compliance with liaison arrangements among Senate committees, the Administration, and University committees.
  • To be the buffer between the Administration and other University groups and the Senate, guarding the Senate’s rights and responsibilities from encroachment by keeping in close touch with persons and events in the University community.
  • To appeal to the Board of Governors as provided in Section 2.2.2 Paragraph B, item (2) when the President does not consult the Senate in the areas defined for such consultation.
Senator Constituency
Jon Oliver, ChairNew Brunswick Staff
Peter Gillett, Vice ChairRutgers Business School: Undergraduate-NB, Faculty
Robert Boikess, New Brunswick Full-time Faculty MemberSchool of Arts and Sciences-NB, Faculty
Natalie Borisovets, Newark Full-time Faculty MemberLibraries, Faculty
Russell Crews, Staff MemberNew Brunswick Staff
Ralph Giraud, Camden Full-time Faculty MemberSchool of Business-Camden, Faculty
Amanda Immidisetti, RBHS Student Member Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Student
Robert Schwartz, Full-time Faculty Member At-LargeNew Jersey Medical School, Faculty
Sarah Shobut, Newark Student MemberNewark College of Arts and Sciences, Student
Adrienne Simonds, Full-time Faculty Member At-LargeSchool of Health Professions, Faculty
Thomas Struble, AlumnusAlumni Association
Karen Thompson, Part-time Lecturer Faculty MemberPart-Time Lecturer-New Brunswick, Faculty
Michael Van Stine, Camden Student MemberGraduate School-Camden, Student
Laura Willett, RBHS Full-time Faculty MemberRobert Wood Johnson Medical School, Faculty
Marie Yamaoka, New Brunswick Student Member School of Arts and Sciences-NB, Student
Senator Present Excused Absent
Oliver, Jon | New Brunswick Staff 9 0 0
Gillett, Peter | Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-NB, Faculty 9 0 0
Boikess, Robert | School of Arts and Sciences-NB, Faculty 9 0 0
Borisovets, Natalie | Libraries, Faculty 9 0 0
Crews, Russell | New Brunswick Staff 7 2 0
Giraud, Ralph | School of Business-Camden, Faculty 9 0 0
Schwartz, Robert | New Jersey Medical School, Faculty 9 0 0
Simonds, Adrienne | School of Health Professions, Faculty 8 1 0
Struble, Thomas | Alumni Association 8 1 0
Thompson, Karen | Part-Time Lecturer-New Brunswick, Faculty 9 0 0
Willett, Laura | Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Faculty 9 0 0
Mickelsen, Mary | Senate Office 0 0 9
Smith, Morgan | Senate Office 0 0 9
Charge NumberTitleDescriptionCommittees Being ChargedCharge StatusDue Date
S-2204Impact of CourseAtlasExplore the impact of CourseAtlas to benchmark institutional goals of the system, on academic units and departments, on faculty work-life balance, and make recommendations as appropriate. Specifically, (i) Investigate to what degree CourseAtlas has achieved the goals it was designed and implemented to achieve, (ii) explore the impact of CourseAtlas on academic units and departments’ ability to manage their own academic programs, (iii) assess the impact of CourseAtlas on the work-life balance of faculty, and (iv) propose feedback mechanisms which allow timely and meaningful faculty input on scheduling changes.Faculty and Personnel Affairs CommitteePendingNovember 23, 2022
S-2201Approved Electronic Notebook ProgramsInvestigate the use of electronic lab notebooks. Review the current policies and practice of notebook creation and cloud storage. Recommend the best practices for maintaining the security, integrity, and accessibility of these notebooks.Research, and Graduate and Professional Education CommitteePendingSeptember 28, 2022
S-2203Examining the Efficacy of the GREExamine the effectiveness of the Graduate Records Examination (GRE) and its impact on Rutgers University’s graduate programs. Investigate other peer aspirants.Ad Hoc CommitteePendingNovember 23, 2022
S-2202Honors College Student SenatorsInvestigate and recommend how Honors College Students from each campus can best be represented in the Senate. The creation of the Honors Colleges on each campus has created a new unit and community that students live, learn and participate in within the University. Student entitlements to the Senate are based on their academic association and Honors College Students can participate based on those associations if elected via their student governing associations. However, since student Senators are not specifically elected from the Honors College they may not be able to properly represent the needs of the Honors College community.University Structure and Governance CommitteePendingJanuary 25, 2023
S-2117Hiring Transparency and EqualityInvestigate the current practice of hiring faculty at RBHS with full titles but described on appointment as part time and contingent on their maintaining employment at RWJBH. Make any appropriate recommendations.Faculty and Personnel Affairs CommitteePendingMarch 16, 2022
S-2116SIRSInvestigate the validity and accuracy of Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET), as well as the details of how the SIRS is implemented at Rutgers and make recommendations for its role in our new approach to the evaluation and improvement of teaching effectiveness. Please report to the Senate Executive Secretary by March 16, 2022.Faculty and Personnel Affairs CommitteePendingMarch 16, 2022
S-2115Academic FreedomIdentify and investigate any recent attacks on the academic freedom of our faculty and students with a particular focus on the University's response to these attacks.Student Affairs CommitteePendingOctober 26, 2022
S-2114Review of Interim Code of Student Conduct PolicyInvestigate proposed changes to the current code of student conduct policy based on the report from the Cannabis Decriminalization Impact Task Force.Student Affairs CommitteePendingSeptember 29, 2021
S-2111Late Course Add/Drop PoliciesInvestigate current practices for approval of late course add/drop policies and determine best practices for their approval and adjudication when they are not approved. Consider best practices used by peers to guide approval of late course add/drop requests and whether an appeal process (or an alternative mechanism) would be appropriate for evaluating, approving and adjudicating late add/drop requests. As appropriate, propose such a process, including procedures, factors to be considered in adjudication, and appropriate levels of discretion to be exercised by deans, advisors, instructors, and other.Academic Standards, Regulations and Admissions CommitteePendingFebruary 23, 2022
S-2110Research Information SystemsInvestigate the development of Research Information Systems. Determine best practices and system impacts as well as what office should lead the university to ensure that Rutgers research impact is maximized.Research, and Graduate and Professional Education CommitteePendingFebruary 23, 2022
S-2109Communication Mechanisms Regarding Major Changes in IT ApplicationsInvestigate the existing mechanisms for communication regarding changes in major IT applications.  Propose additional mechanisms that would engage the Senate, through its IT Committee, in such communications and decisions about major IT application changes that would affect major University constituencies.  (See Senate Resolution S-1801Information Technology CommitteePendingMarch 30, 2022
S-2106Office of Disability ServicesConsider the work of the Office of Disability Services and how it has been affected by the pandemic. Examine the patterns of responsibility and interaction between the office, undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty. Identify any perceived issues that might impact ODS’s mission to provide and maintain equal opportunity and access across the University, and potential strategies to support their work.Instruction Curricula and Advising CommitteePendingDecember 29, 2021
S-2103Review of the Current Procedures for the Periodic Evaluation of DeansReview the current procedures for the periodic evaluation of deans.Faculty and Personnel Affairs CommitteePendingFebruary 23, 2022
S-2020Investigation of Changes to the Rutgers University Patent PolicyReview the changes made to University Policy 50.3.1 - Patent Policy. Investigate potential impacts the changes may have on research, innovation & technology transfer, faculty retention and recruitment, and the financial viability of research units. Explore the extent of faculty input and notification prior to the change in policy. Make recommendations on appropriate processes for faculty consultation on these and similar issues in the future. Respond to the Senate Executive Secretary by March 31, 2021.Research, and Graduate and Professional Education CommitteePendingNovember 22, 2021
S-2013-1Preparing Graduate and Professional Students to Teach in the 21st CenturyEvaluate the current policies, practices, outcomes and plans across the University related to how graduate and professional students are prepared for effective teaching, including online instruction, and make recommendations.Research, and Graduate and Professional Education CommitteeReissuedOctober 27, 2021
S-2010-1Evaluation of the RCM Implementation at RutgersEvaluate the implementation of the RCM budget model at Rutgers University. Specify recommendations where improvements should be considered.Budget and Finance CommitteeReissuedNovember 22, 2021
S-2008-1How Staff Senators are ElectedInvestigate and report on how staff not aligned with any Chancellor are elected to the Senate and make recommendations.University Structure and Governance CommitteePendingFebruary 23, 2022
S-2006-1Senate AttendanceProvide recommendations as to what actions can be taken to collaborate with units in order to increase senate attendance.Ad Hoc CommitteeReissuedNovember 22, 2021
S-2002-1Challenges Related to Parking and TransportationReview the ongoing planning and financial status of parking and transportation, including its use of permits and citations as a source of revenue, and the long-term planning as it relates to transportation and parking, including plans to reduce parking on campus and how the administration plans to meet the challenges this will create. Budget and Finance CommitteeReissuedMarch 31, 2022